Doctor's Testimonial

There are many good clinical reports that give UniBalance full credit for patients' health improvements. All my colleagues in Oncology and Immunology respond the same: "... I've never seen anything like this... it's just amazing!" I feel honored to be associated with the quality of Unibalance's Herbal Balsam and I will recommend this product to all of my friends, family and patients. It can help millions get their life back. Thank You, and God Bless.

Dr. S.V.ART ND, Ph.D

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our family owned business. Thank you for the opportunity to provide service to you while introducing our high quality organic herbal formulas and supplements. Unibalance has earned the trust of many satisfied customers and has provided them with information and products that have changed their lives. Our goal is to help strengthen your immune system and to bring your health to a new level of well being.

God Bless, Owners of Unibalance


Inside every human, inside every being, grows a sprout of promise. A promise of the potential that we all carry to achieve the highest point of spiritual, physical, and mental health possible. Take a second and look back to your childhood... Bare foot, you run across the summer grass while the sun gently kisses your soft face; sincerely and full of interest, you take your time observing each leaf, each strand of grass, and each bug or ant passing by you. Closing your eyes, you become sensitive to the cheerful chirping of the birds, the echo of the running waterfall's spring water, and the gentle breeze of the wind that lightly blows through your hair. Yes, you are in harmony with mother nature, greatful to be alive; and for that moment, you feel nothing but peace.

All of that wasn't just a mirage, it wasn't even a dream; you definitely do carry the potential to reconnect with God, health and nature. You don't have to go far to find an answer; begin with your body, your temple. If you look in the mirror and in your reflection see years of suffering, stress, and bad food, don't loose hope and get angry at yourself. You have a chance every single day to fix and reverse all of the damage. Remember, there is no such a thing as a magical tablet, but there is such a thing as a magical process of rejuvenation. Our immune system is the richest gift that each of us inherited at birth. Our immune system is the perfect biological unit that can completely rebuild itself when given the right tools to work with. If you are reading this information, then you probably already are questioning your health. Either by curiousity, already determined to change your diet, or being in a state of poor health when all hope is lost, this information is for you.

But why Herbal Balsam, and why raw foodism? Balsam is our powerful recipe, a combination of medicinal live herbs that have been fermented at extremely low temperatures, creating the perfect raw formula. Balsam will help your body get back on track, while your immune system finally begins to rejuvenate and heal itself. And by eating a 70-100% raw food diet (although a diet rich in 100% raw foods is highly recommended) you give your body the chance to gain all of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes (which are destroyed at 120 degrees Fahrenheit ).

But why are enzymes so necessary to achieve great health? Enzymes are protein catalysts, meaning they speed up different processes that happen inside of us. Usually any process (like digestion or breathing for example) requires enzymes to be present in our body. However, the problem is that most of the food we eat is heated above 120 degrees, killing these important agents. Therefore, the body has to make up its own enzymes, which weaken the immune system and makes us more prone to desease and aging. Some processes in the body require enzymes that can only be provided by raw food or will be taken from the metabolic reserve. To better explain the importance of enzymes, imagine that when some of them are not present it would take the body 1000 years or up to 1000 degrees of temperature in order for different chemical processes to take place. But because these particular enzymes are present in our bodies, everything happens as normal. Which means that eating diets rich in raw foods spares our bodies overworking themselves in trying to duplicate the enzymes that are so vital to life. Finally, by eating raw, you won't be ingesting anything toxic; instead, you'll be eating the best food ever and giving your body and immune system the ability to recognize and expel abnormal cells and dispose of toxins, when taking Herbal Balsam.

But why MSM and Spirulina? Because they are natural supplements and superfoods that give your body the strength to repair the damage and build new cells.

If you are still doubting the wonders of raw food, then please look at our "GOURMET RAW FOOD MENU" section and experiment with some of the amazing raw food recipes, so that a new door of delicious live cuisine can open for you. If you are looking for an alternative way to rebuild and rejuventate yourself, then order our Herbal Balsam, our MSM and Spirulina, and finally: take your first steps to raw foodism. This is the choice and now is the time! You won't regret it.